Transit is Important! Funding is declining!

Transpo and transit agencies across the state continue to face decreases in funding. Your support is critical in keeping Transpo moving forward. Please take a moment and help support public transit in South Bend and Mishawaka.

  • Property Tax Caps have reduced local funding capacity, challenging Transpo's ability to provide adequate service to meet current demand.
  • Elimination of dedicated funding for the Public Mass Transit Fund (PMTF) has created uncertainty for the funding Transpo receives from the State of Indiana.
  • Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funding continues to be threatened and gridlocked.
  • Demand for increased service cannot be met due to budget constraints. Transpo recognizes the need for extended service hours, Sunday service and increased frequency along crowded routes. Local efforts to streamline services and expenses have been exhausted.

Public Mass Transit Fund (PMTF)

The Indiana State Legislature created the Public Mass Transit Fund (PMTF) to promote and develop public transportation in Indiana. The PMTF money is allocated to 65 Indiana bus systems and the South Shore Rail Line through a competitive formula developed by the Indiana Department of Transportation. The PMTF has remained at $42.5 million for the last several years while the demands for public transit have continued to increase.

For more information on the PMTF, click HERE.

Why Should You Care?

Transpo provides a vital service connecting our community to employment, healthcare, educational and recreational opportunities. Every $1 invested in public transit results in $4 in economic returns. Whether you ride or not, investing in public transit enhances your community. For more information on the many benefits provided by public transit, please click HERE.

How Can You Help?

Contact your State Legislator and ask them to increase the appropriation for the PMTF that was approved by the House in HB 1001. To find out your legislators, click HERE.

Rep. B. Patrick Bauer, District 6 - 317.232.9987

Rep. Dale DeVon, District 5 - 317.234.9380

Rep. Ryan Dvorak, District 8 - 317.232.9827

Rep. Tim Wesco, District 21 - 317.232.9674

Sen. Joe Taylor, District 7 - 317.232.9976

Sen. Joe Zakas, District 11 - 317.232.9490

Sen. David Niezgodski, District 10 - 317.232.9404

Sen. Ryan Mishler, District 9 - 317.232.9814

Sen. Mike Bohacek, District 8 - 317.232.9541

Additional Resources

Indiana Citizens' Alliance for Transit (ICAT)

Indiana Transportation Association (ITA)

Voices for Transit

American Public Transportation Association (APTA)

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