Proposed Simplified Fare Structure

03/24/15 at 07:37 AM

Transpo recently conducted two public meetings on the proposed Simplified Fare Structure that would replace the two ride passes and transfers with a Day Pass. The following is a recap of the information provided at the meetings.

Transpo completed a Comprehensive Operations Analysis in July 2011 which identified several areas in need of improvement. Transfers can be an inconvenience for riders due to increased wait times if connections are missed and the fact that transfers expire after 90 minutes. Transfers are also confusing since they can only be used at designated locations and between specific routes to complete a one-way trip.

Transpo worked with the Michiana Area Council of Governments (MACOG) to complete a Fare Equity Analysis in June 2014. The elimination of transfers will asisst with farebox recovery with reductions in federal/state funding and minimize fare evasion. The option for a Day Pass will provide additional savings for riders based on the number of trips.

The cash fare would remain the same at $1.00 per ride. The $3.00 Day Pass would provide for unlimited travel during a single service day. The Day Pass eliminates the need for transfers and would replace the two ride pass.

Pricing remains the same for the Adult 31-Day Passes, Student (K-12) Passes and Two Week Passes. A side-by-side comparision of the current fare structure and proposed changes is included below.

With the Day Pass, the more you ride, the less you pay!

3 Rides - $1.00 per ride
4 Rides - $0.75 per ride
6 Rides - $0.50 per ride

The Day Pass would be available for purchase at South Street Station, Transpo Admin Offices, and at the onboard fare box when you board the bus. The proposed effective date for the changes is May 11, 2015. Two ride passes would continue to be accepted through the end of the year; however, transfers would no longer be available after May 11.

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