Transpo Launches New Day Pass

05/19/15 at 01:26 PM

Transpo will launch the new Day Pass on Monday, June 1, 2015. The Day Pass provides unlimited travel on Transpo's fixed routes during a single service day and replaces the two-ride passes and transfers. Transpo's cash fare remains the same at $1.00.

The Day Pass will be available for purchase at South Street Station, the Emil "Lucky" Reznik Administration, Maintenance and Operations Facility, located at 1401 S. Lafayette Blvd in South Bend, online by click HERE and through the fare box on board each Transpo fixed route. A single day pass will be good from the time it is first used until 11:59 p.m. on that service day.

"This is one of the many innovative steps we are taking to make public transit more accessible to our community", said David Cangany, Transpo General Manager. "Our ridership has expressed interest in a day pass for several years now and it's a great way to ride more and pay less", continued Cangany.

To coincide with the launch of the Day Pass, Transpo will also kick off the Dump the Pump pass sale on June 1. Day Passes will be "buy one, get one free" and riders who purchase a 31-day day adult bus pass will receive two free Day Passes throughout the month of June. The Dump the Pump pass sale is only available at South Street Station and Transpo's Administration building.

All of Transpo's passes (day, two-week, adult and student) will feature a fresh look with Transpo's new logo and color scheme.

The new Day Pass represents a simplified fare structure which was first recommended back in 2011 with the completion of Transpo's Comprehensive Operations Analysis. In partnership with MACOG, Transpo completed a Fare Equity Analysis in June 2014. Public meetings were conducted in March 2015 with overwhelmingly positive response from Transpo riders.

Two ride passes will continue to be accepted through 2015; however transfers will no longer be available.

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