Transpo Presents First General Manager’s Award

04/24/14 at 08:08 AM

Transpo presented the newly created General Manager's Award for the first time at Wednesday's meeting of the Transpo Board of Directors.

The award was presented to Cheryl Moore, a professional operator with Transpo for 20 years. Cheryl was recognized and commended for her outstanding service back on February 18. Cheryl was instrumental in reuniting a lost child with her mother.

Cheryl was driving the Miami/Scottsdale Route 8 when she noticed a small girl wandering in the street who had walked away from school undetected. She stopped the bus and saw the child was cold, wet and crying. Cheryl brought her on board, called for assistance and followed procedures to ensure the child's safety. Cheryl brought the child to South Street Station and provided her with something to eat and drink while they waited for the police to arrive. The police were able to safely reunited the child with her mother.

The General Manager's Award was established to recognize those employees demonstrating outstanding service. The award is presented at the discretion of the GM.

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