Transpo Selects Proposal for the Northside Property

08/26/14 at 04:09 PM

Transpo announced today that the Transpo Board of Directors voted to select a proposal for the Disposition of the Northside Property. The board voted unanimously to enter into negotiations for the sale of the property at 901 E. Northside Boulevard with Century Builders. Century Builders was selected out of the three responsive bidders based on the criteria outlined in the Request for Proposal (RFP) along with extensive public comment and feedback. The following criteria were included in the RFP:

  • The total purchase price offered by Applicant, and any proposed payment terms including payments to Transpo over a set period of time.
  • The character of the proposed development and whether the proposed development is consistent with the goals of the Howard Park Neighborhood.
  • Compliance with existing zoning or the applicant’s proposal for rezoning the Property.
  • The applicant’s proposed timetable for completing the project.
  • The financial responsibility, qualifications, experience and ability of the applicant to finance, complete and manage the development of the Property.
  • Any other factors that will assist Transpo in determining that the applicant’s proposal will best serve the interests of Transpo and the community.

This has been a long process for Transpo and we are excited to enter into negotiations with Century Builders,” said David Cangany, Transpo General Manager. “After extensive review and consideration of the three proposals and public input, we believe this decision meets the best interests of Transpo, the Howard Park Neighborhood and the community,” continued Cangany.

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