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Benefits of Public Transportation

Public Transportation in the United States is a crucial part of the solution to the nation’s economic, energy and environmental challenges – helping to bring a better quality of life. Every segment of American society – individuals, families, communities and businesses – benefit from public transportation. ~APTA

Public Transportation

            Enhances Personal Opportunities
            Saves Fuel, Reduces Congestion
            Provides Economic Opportunities
            Saves Money
            Reduces Gasoline Consumption
            Reduces Carbon Footprint

As a progressive transit agency, South Bend Public Transportation Corporation (Transpo) operates from a LEED Platinum facility and launched a Fleet Replacement Program in 2014 to replace aging diesel buses with buses fueled by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). As of 2019, Transpo's 47 vehicle fleet consists of 22 CNG buses. To improve reliability and efficiency, Transpo converted from a “flag-stop” bus system to a designated bus stop system in April 2017.

Transpo provides a vital service connecting the community to employment, healthcare, educational and entertainment opportunities. In addition, Transpo has invested over $70 million into the local economy through Federal and State funding programs.

Visit Transpo’s Commuter Benefits page to learn how local employers and employees can benefit from public transportation.

Mission Statement

The South Bend Public Transportation Corporation’s mission is to provide safe, reliable, convenient and comfortable transportation services in a manner that utilizes the efforts of our professional team, achieves a high standard of quality, delivers service using cost-effective approaches and meets our commitment to both our customer’s needs and the environment.

Core Values

Serving our community above all else
Aspiring to excellence
Demonstrating integrity and professionalism
Enabling employees to achieve their fullest potential
Promoting creativity, imagination and innovation
Making Transpo an enjoyable experience

Vision Statement

To be a recognized leader in public transportation services and a moving force for regional cooperation, growth and prosperity.
Transpo will be a positive force leading the regional community in developing mass transportation solutions through innovation and coordination in a fiscally responsible manner.

Transpo Overview and History

South Bend Public Transportation Corporation provides fixed route and paratransit service for South Bend and Mishawaka.

Public transportation began in South Bend on May 25, 1885 when a horse-drawn single truck wagon headed west on Washington Avenue. Later that same year, electric streetcars appeared on city streets. Improvements in electrification enabled a new generation of streetcars throughout South Bend and Mishawaka.

During the 1900’s, the advent of the gasoline engine brought cars and buses to city streets. Bus service began on September 10, 1923 with a fleet of three vehicles. Bus routes continued to expand as streetcar service ended in 1940.

Northern Indiana Transit, a private company, operated the bus service from 1940-1967. The company faced decreased ridership as the number of automobile owners increased. The company also cited the effects of television appearing in households and keeping riders at home. As a result, the City of South Bend made plans to acquire the bus system.

On January 1, 1968, the first bus under municipal ownership signified the transition from the privately-owned company to the formation of the South Bend Public Transportation Corporation (SBPTC) later nicknamed Transpo after a local contest was held.

As service continued to expand over the years, transfer centers were added in South Bend and Mishawaka. In 1998, Transpo opened a new inter-model facility, South Street Station, in downtown South Bend.

After operating 125 years in the original Northside Boulevard site, Transpo moved to the Emil “Lucky” Reznik Administration, Maintenance and Operations Facility – a LEED Platinum Transit Facility, the first of its kind in the country.

The new facility is named after long-time board member Lucky Reznik. Reznik has served on the board since its inception and was instrumental in the development and design of the transit system over the years. Transpo is well positioned as a progressive transit company.

In 2014, Transpo started the process of updating the aged fixed route fleet and introduced compressed natural gas (CNG) technology. Sixteen new CNG buses were delivered in late 2014. In partnership with the City of South Bend, Transpo is building the first fast-fuel CNG fueling center. As of October 2021, Transpo operators a fleet of 31 CNG buses, with anticipated delivery of another 9 buses in early 2022 which will leave 11 aging diesel buses eligible for replacement.

Charter Service / Rentals

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) regulations prohibit Transpo from providing private charter services. Please contact Transpo with any questions at 574.232.9901.

Information in Accessible Formats

Transpo offers information in a variety of formats including electronic, large print and audio upon request. Information is also available online in a multiple languages (see Google Translator on the upper right corner of the home page). For questions or to request information, please contact Transpo at 574.232.9901.

Holiday Closings

Transpo will be closed on the following holidays with no fixed route or Access service:
Memorial Day
Fourth of July
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
New Year's Day

Starting in 2015, Transpo will be in service on Good Friday.

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#7- 2:40 pm, 4:40 pm
Yellow Line- 1:13 pm


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