Winter Weather Info

12/22/22 at 02:08 PM

Transpo is open for business!  Transpo's professional drivers are trained to operate vehicles safely in inclement weather and Transpo has procedures in place to continue service throughout winter weather conditions commonly experienced in our area.

The Transpo Information Line is available at 574.233.2131. However, please be aware, it is not necessary to call and see if Transpo is running!

In the very unlikely event service were to be canceled, local media outlets would provide information along with Transpo's website, social media and phone lines. 

Here are some simple steps riders can take to ensure they reach their destinations in a safe and timely manner:

1.  Dress warmly.

2.  Wait at a designated bus stop - if snow or ice prevents you from standing at a stop, please stay as close as safely possible, watch for the bus and “flag” the driver as the bus is approaching so the bus can stop in a safe and timely manner.

3.  Please be careful and watch for snow and ice when getting on and off the bus.

4.  Weather-related delays are always possible in inclement weather so please plan accordingly. If possible, you may want to consider taking an earlier bus to ensure you reach your destination on time.

5.  Thank your driver for getting you safely where you need to go!

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