Bike Racks

Every Transpo fixed route bus is equipped with a bike rack to promote biking and busing. Each bus can accommodate two bikes on a first come, first serve basis. Transpo does not allow bikes to be transported inside buses due to safety concerns. Bikes may be loaded and unloaded at any bus stop.

Bike Rack Safety Tips - Always get the driver’s attention before loading or unloading a bike!

Loading Your Bike

  • Remove water bottles and/or other loose items before loading your bike
  • As the bus approaches, motion to the driver that you will be loading your bike
  • After the bus has stopped, load your bike from the front or curbside only – never from a traffic lane!
  • Squeeze the center handle up to release catch and then fold rack down
  • Load your bike, fitting the wheels into the slots
  • Raise support arm up and over the tire so the hook rests at the highest point on the bike wheel
  • Board Transpo

Unloading Your Bike

  • As you deboard the bus, let the driver know you will be unloading your bike
  • Unload the bike from the front or curbside only – never from a traffic lane!
  • Raise the support arm off the tire, folding down to a secure position
  • Lift bike out of rack
  • Squeeze handle and fold rack up, snapping in place in upright position
  • Step away from bus with bike

Please note that Transpo assumes no responsibility or liability for damage caused to bikes not properly secured in the bike rack. If you forget to retrieve your bike or the driver pulls away before you have unloaded it, please call Transpo at 574.233.2131.

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